Sunday, November 09, 2003

Here's a dream I had last night, or rather early this morning:
It was in Vegas ( I often dream of Vegas) and The Three Stooges were there. Moe had gained a LOT of weight but was doing a mean tap dance, and taunting one of the other Stooges with it, like showing off. He somehow got even fatter and receded into the bathroom.

Then I was in the bathroom trying to clean it up. There were white-painted wooden cubby-holes along the side of the sink and there was Ivory soap in some of them. There was Ivory soap still in its wrapper, there were fresh bars that hadn't been used but were not wrapped, and there were bars that were slimy from being used and not being dry. I wanted to count up how many bars of soap there were, but kept losing count.

Gene Simmons, from Kiss (without the makeup) was a boxing promoter and he wanted to put Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) in the ring. He was on a radio show, somehow being broadcast from this bathroom in Las Vegas, and a woman called in to criticize him for exploiting the Beave. He responded by saying, "just because I have shaggy hair, you think I am no good."

Then the fat Stooge was with me again (it wasn't clear if it was Moe this time, just that it was a Stooge). He left and I locked the door and bent over the sink to wash my face. I dried off one of the slimy bars of soap with a towel so I could put it in one of the cubby cabinets. As I bent over, I realized that I was only wearing a lace bra on top. I thought that that was maybe inappropriate in front of the Stooge, but then felt relieved that he left without incident.

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