Saturday, February 28, 2004

Two journal entries in one day!

It can only mean one thing: too much caffeine. Whatever, you may ask, would be the reason for my increased intake of my caffeinated beverage of choice, tea? Why the reason is clear, I may respond (if you may ask, I may respond) as water. Trump Ice spring water. I am a big fan of "The Apprentice," Trump's reality show pitting CEO wannabes against each other in a "Survivor" like situation; the show is even produced by Mark Burnett, the guy who started Survivor.

In the last episode, the apprentice-hopefuls were given the task of selling Trump Ice bottled water. I have to say I thought it was utterly ridiculous that this guy's mug with THAT HAIR was on a bottle of water. His hair by the way, is not a comb-over. He is thinning right on top, but he has hair in the front so it is more of a comb-back than a comb-over. I know this because I caught some of The Donald on Larry King Live (which is a misnomer because as we all know Larry King has long been Dead, stuffed not all that skillfully and animated like a marionette with sticks and strings. I think they also somehow get the scent of alcohol breath to come out of his mouth, deepening the illusion for the guests).

Anywho, that morning I had been in Gristede's and saw that it was really for sale. This fact managed somehow to elude the producers and researchers on Larry's show since whoever is doing Larry's voice asked Trump if Trump Ice was a real product. Well, duh, I thought, I just bought some today. What's on those cards Larry has anyway?

I decided to try it, as they mentioned on The Apprentice that it had very low mineral content, and if you remember my post from January 1st of this year where I was discussing the qualties of various different kinds of bottled water with which to make tea taste better, low mineral content sounded pretty good.

The taste test revealed that Trump Ice, at least for me, makes a brisk, bright cup of tea; sec but not enough to make your lips pucker. In short, the best damn tea making water I have tasted yet. I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine, yet five cups of this delectable elixir today. What a delight!

What a jaw gnashing, eye ball bulging, dehydrating delight! It is clear to me that I will never sleep tonight which means I'll probably end up on the couch watching reruns of Larry King Dead vowing not to drink more than three cups tomorrow. Any more than that and I might end up with a comb-back of my own.

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