Monday, December 13, 2004

There is something about the Pale Male story that is so emblematic of life in New York. Wouldn't we all like to live on Fifth Avenue with a view of Central Park? But instead, most of us struggle along, living in tiny, cramped spaces, our homes right on top of one another's. We pay too much rent, we deal with zany neighbors and nefarious landlords. Yet we survive, indeed we thrive, on the energy that is New York, just like Pale Male. No true New Yorker would want to live anywhere else. Can you blame Pale Male?

Some shots taken this afternoon:

This is Frederic Lilien, the filmmaker responsible for the documentary on Pale Male.

This is a group of students from Hillel School in Deal NJ. They came for a science field trip to learn about Pale Male and participate in the protest.


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