Monday, January 03, 2005

Crackpot Corrections

In a Times article on the blogoshpere reaction to the tsunami disaster, they note that the info-spreading-relief-coordination being done by bloggers in the wake of the disaster was short lived, giving way to “crackpot theorizing and political smack down.” Gothamist thinks it's on.
I think it’s been on.

On the self-correcting aspect of blogging, this quote: "One result is a process that can be more reliable than many new media, where corrections are often late and small, if they appear at all."

What about corrections in old media, like newspapers. Like the Times for instance. Care to get a pool going on how long it is going to take the Times to own up to this error? See my post here> if you are too lazy to plow through the chart looking for the two incorrect dates.

PS If the pool is going to be a choice of the number of days it takes them to print a correction, I pick '8' cause I heard it is lucky.


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