Thursday, June 15, 2006

Life imitating life ...

This ... almost like this antic from that crazy mad-cap painter Nelson Shanks, but not quite.
"One year, a well known contemporary artist judged the exhibit. Nelson had just won the famous Stacey International Competition* in California and decided to enter the winning painting in the Memphis show. Knowing the judges prejudice he had no expectation of winning, so to make a point, he and a colleague hatched a plan. They cut out a four foot square piece of masonite and gessoed it. They then unwound two rolls of toilet paper onto the surface willynilly and spray painted it in a random design with red lacquer. It took about two minutes. His friend entered the piece under his name as "Interrupted Movement #2". The judge, either missing the pun or possibly considering it part of the brilliance of the work, awarded it third place out of several thousand entries! Of course, Nelson's serious entry was not considered. The media had been alerted and the gaffe received full coverage and it was talked about for years."


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