Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kids, don't try this at home, but if you do, write about it here

Oh, lord. This is definitely my new favorite website. Hours of entertainment.

Please read this if you think you need to break the law or see a doctor for something to help you get a buzz.

OK, seriously, I tried this as a teenager, though with not nearly as much nutmeg as this person used. We were told you had to toast it first, which I did one afternoon after school in the oven. I then wrapped it in foil and hid it until the next morning. My mother always made me hot chocolate in the morning, and I waited until she left me alone in the kitchen to dump the contents into my mug. Well, it wouldn't mix in with the cocoa, and I panicked while trying to stir it in and heard my mother come out of the bathroom. I rushed to the sink and poured it all down, just as my mother came into the kitchen, yelling at me for dumping out the hot cocoa because "it had a skin on top" (this was the excuse I gave). If only there had been something like Erowid then, I wouldn't have had to waste my mother's nutmeg, or hot chocolate.

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