Tuesday, December 14, 2004

We might just make it after all ...

Today, Lincoln Karim, the owner of the Pale Male website was arrested. Details were sketchy but the rumor is that 'harassment' was the charge. Someone contacted Mary Tyler Moore, who, in a generous yet ironic gesture, offered to store Lincoln's huge telescope and monitor in her own storage space in 927 until his release. Unfortunately, the equipment was too large to fit in the space (which I find strange; how much storage space comes with a multi-million dollar co-op, anyway?! The whole pile of stuff was only about 4'x4'.).

I spoke with a representative from the Audubon Society tonight (it is amazing how people respond when you have a notebook in your hand!) and here's the latest:
The architects were to submit a 'design' to the Audubon Society by end of day today. The 'design' is to incorporate safety measures to prevent debris from falling from the nest (which from what I've heard, has never happened before). The Audubon people will then review the proposal. He told me that an Audubon scientist was on hand at the meeting and will be in on the process to ensure that the 'design' is hawk-friendly. When asked what he thinks about how far this whole thing has gone, he replied with a shrug, "I think it's sad."

Mary Tyler Moore came out tonight to speak to the crowds gathered across the street at 927 Fifth.
As she was leaving, the crowd gave her a round of applause, to which she replied, "This applause is the most exciting applause I've ever had in my life."

Thanks, Mary.

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At Tuesday, December 14, 2004 9:20:00 PM, Blogger J-Wild said...

Found your blog totally at random and since you are a fellow New Yorker I would be Interested in your thoughts on this Pale Male issue in light of the NYTimes article located here: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/14/nyregion/14nyc.html?oref=login

Or you can read some comments at heirforce.blogspot.com


At Tuesday, December 14, 2004 11:25:00 PM, Blogger jo said...

Hey baby, I wondered where your photos had gone! Thanks for getting in touch. I hadn't heard Mary's comment about the applause -- that's great.

I spoke to the detectives tonight who were holding Lincoln and got them to give him the message that MTM had his equipment safe and sound. He's apparently still in the pokey, or else he's just not answering his phones as of 11 tonight. The detectives were very nice and wanted us to know "this is nothing against you guys." More tedious minute-by-minute reportage over on the blog.Also, a Newsday article quoted a PR person at AP, where Lincoln is employed, saying "we take this seriously" or words to that effect. Those of us who have been present at the vigils when the alleged "harassment" was supposed to have taken place may wish to write letters to AP vouching for his character and urging them to suspend judgment until they know all the facts. I would hate to see him get fired because Zahn and Cohen decided to target him with a harassment charge. (I wrote an e-mail to Ms. Morris, the AP rep who was quoted in the Newsday article. Just Google her for contact info.)

At Wednesday, December 15, 2004 7:05:00 PM, Blogger jw said...


can you believe these mofos?

i'm posting the story on my fotolog...



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