Thursday, December 16, 2004

Pale Male Update:
Jo has the latest.

I feel so sorry so Lincoln, I know what it feels like to care about something so much that you lose your head a little. Please go to Pale Male and see the lovely sentiment ( I wish Paula Zahn's kids would see it) that now graces the home page, and while you're there, send Lincoln an email and give him some support. And as long as you're in an email sending mood, here's contact info for Paula Zahn at CNN.

Zahn might want to take this opportunity to teach her children about the right of Americans to protest against that with which we disagree. She might also tell them that sometimes the only recourse against free speech we don't like is more free speech. I'm wondering if she and husband Richard Cohen explained to their children what was going on outside their building, why people were demonstrating and why some of them might be mad at Mommy and Daddy. Perhaps if the children had fully understood the situation and believed in their little hearts that their parents were doing the right thing, they might have spoken back to Lincoln, told him to shut up. I know some grade-school age kids who would have no problem speaking up and defending something they think is right. Maybe the 'house of shame' chant rings true here, and a bit too loudly for some.

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