Saturday, December 18, 2004

Pampered Park Avenue Pets at Central Presbyterian
Tomorrow evening is the annual Blessing of the Animals at Central Presbyterian Church on Park Avenue at 64th St. here in New York. While other churches (St. John the Divine, for one) hold this event in the fall, closer to St. Francis’s Feast Day on October 4, I like this one held every year a week or so before Christmas.

There’s something about everyone all decked out for the holidays (I’m talking gussied-up pooches, pusses, parrots and all other manner of pets as well as the 'well-heeled' Presbyterian people) and the posh Park Avenue locale that make this a positively perfect place for this affair. Be sure to stop around tomorrow for, uh, pictures.

How much you want to bet someone brings a picture of Pale Male to the proceedings? I'm printing one now ...


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