Sunday, December 19, 2004

Update: The Audubon Society has NOT pulled their support from the vigils. According to Aimee Van Dyke, though the Audubon Society will not be officially sponsoring or attending the vigils, they continue to work very hard to ensure that the design is approved and implemented as soon as possible.
Really late update: Lincoln Karim was NOT fired, only suspended. Please keep writing/emailing letters of support for Lincoln and forward them to Jo or directly to his attorney (Dino J. Lombardi 52 Duane Street, 7th Floor, New York, New York 10007

NYC Kids QUIETLY support Pale Male
I guess these two lovely young girls didn't want Anthony videotaping them making any kind of a ruckus, even if it was only via a printed sign, hence the addition of the word "quietly" to the sign.
Why can't Paula Zahn's kids be more like this?

They actually kinda reminded me of myself at that age ...

Peek in tomorrow for pix of pampered pets receiving blessings at Central Presbyterian's Blessing of the Animals tonight, Pale Male included. Phew!


At Monday, December 20, 2004 1:41:00 AM, Blogger Penelope Bianchi said...

I met Lincoln...with my grandchildren....all seven of them at different times...he would not remember me...but I and they remember him! we saw the hawks through his glasses....I have been in tears for grandaughters are writing...,This man is the most sensitive, loving and wonderful man.

Please know that....

I live in Santa Barbara, California....I have 7 grandchildren....and they all know Lincoln...and they all know the hawks...thanks to Lincoln.....he is of the utmost fine quality....
Please re-instate him ....he is a prince.

Penelope Bianchi
1721 East Valley Road
Santa Barbara, California

93108...(which means Montecito)

He is a kind and loving teacher....he is warm and wonderful ...especially to children.

He became upset because his family was torn away...and I mean TORN!!!!!.

who could blame him?

He is also the best photographer...ever...he was so upset....forgive him... please.

Penelope Bianchi
1721 East Valley Road,
California 93108


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