Thursday, May 10, 2007

I met the Bonneville owner!

Today I was thrilled to walk outside with Tony and see my favorite car parked across the street. I've taken lots of pictures of this car (and played with the color some, as you can see!) over the years.

I was in the middle of taking a few more, when a man came out of 450 and started walking towards us (me and Tony) and the car with some keys. I asked if he was the owner and when he said he was, I started gushing about his car. He seemed a bit puzzled when I told him I'd taken lots of pictures of it.

There's just something about the long, elegant lines of the car, the regal bronze-y gold color and the way it wears its tattered edges and signs of decay so gracefully.

In all the excitement I forgot to ask him what year it was, though I think it's early 70s sometime. He said it gets pretty good mileage for its size (pre-70s gas crisis), about 15 mpg on the open road. I don't care about the open road mileage much, as I'm happy to see the car parked around here all the time.

Lovely, yes?

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