Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trauma at Sephora!

Ok, how's this for gross? I'm on my way to physical therapy for this stabbing pain in the middle of my back and I duck into Sephora on 34th Street for a spritz of Chanel No 5 and to look around at some makeup I am needing. I'm not in the store for 30 seconds when I see one of the employees (recognizable by her black outfit and headset) standing by the bins of tools and applicators for sale in the middle of the store. She's got one of the lavender colored buffers and she's using it on her nails. Then she finishes and puts it back in the bin with the others!

WTF? Are you kidding me?

I walk over and look and sure enough, there it is right on top, with a big white stripe of exfoliated skin and nail matter.

I approached the nearest employee who was luckily also recognizable wearing the black ensemble because she wasn't wearing a DAB of makeup. In a makeup store! What's up with that? I told her what I just saw. She asked me to describe the person and I did as best I could then I led her over to the bin and pointed out the scuzzy used buffer (I couldn't face picking it up myself!) and she picked it out.

Honestly, how is this for real? Can you even believe this? Don't even get me started on the other employees in the store. Where are they hiring from, Mo'nique's Charm School?

I mean the store does have samples all over the place, but you can't just use something like a nail buffer and then sell it to someone else! An employee especially should know better, and at the very least have an understanding of basic hygiene! Plus, it's TWO DOLLARS, people. She probably even gets an employee discount.

I'm shopping at Sephora on line from now on, if at all!

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