Tuesday, April 24, 2007

London Terrace Door Mat Update

Well, since I slept through the LTTA meeting on April 12 I had to wait until today when they gave out the newsletter to find out if anyone confronted the building rep about the doormat situation. Here's the quote:

Doormats - In answer to questions, Mr. Di Schino addressed the removal of doormats from hallways, saying it made Rose subject to a code violation. Several tenants queried the Fire Department and were told that there is no regulation forbidding the mats. However, Rose will continue to remove them but will hold them in the basement - not throwing them out.

Because they're such nice people.

I bumped into a group of firefighters last week and asked them if it sounded like doormats were a legitimate fire code violation. They said that it didn't sound familiar, but that they (Rose) may be interpreting some vague wording to their advantage (advantage, for what?! To toss doormats? WTF?), like "no flammable materials shall be stored in common hallways." I can see that, but why be such ball breakers over this? I'd be interested to hear from others in large apartment buildings if they have doormats or not.

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