Saturday, January 22, 2005

Blizzard Warning

[Harrumph!] I’ll believe it when I see it.

It seems meteorologists, and by turn, the media (esp. local TV news: you know who you are, Newschannel4!) are guilty of blowing every little weather related occurrence up to cataclysmic proportions. When I was a kid (cue 60s music), you could go to sleep at night and wake up with 6 inches of snow that no one had even bothered to predict. Now, you can be watching TV, minding your own business, thinking that you are safe and sound, and on comes a crawl across the bottom of the screen, accompanied by that “bong BONG bong” sound to the tune of the NBC theme song, with news of a fog advisory. (True Story, it happened earlier this week! Fog!) Who am I, a sea captain?
In Manhattan, does it really matter what the weather is, anyway? We can have anything we want or need delivered (like food, movies, prescriptions, clean laundry) or travel underground where the weather doesn't matter for those things that can't come to us. I mean, the wost that can happen is that you can't use your cell phone, computer or TV. The iPod will still work, right?


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