Monday, January 24, 2005

Note the cuff in Tyler's jeans

From Sunday
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Note the cuff in Tyler's jeans.

We decided to take the obligatory post-snow storm walk-about this morning. On the way out, he discovered that a few of his credit cards and his building ID were missing. Since he was wearing the same jeans as yesterday, and the cards weren't in the pockets, we started hunting around for them. They weren't on the floor by the bed, where he'd dropped everything from his pockets earlier in the day. They hadn't slid under the bed, either, and they weren't in the sofa cushions where we found the Visa card on Thursday (Note that he tends to lose things.) They weren't in the drawer; they weren't in his coat pocket, nor were they in the laundry basket.

We decided to go for the walk and look for them later, or call them in as missing.

Two hours later, after tramping and trudging through piles and drifts, often up to our knees, we're in the elevator. We're stomping our feet to loosen whatever snow is clinging to the bottoms of our pants, and as I bend over to assess the salt damage to my boots what do I see but the missing cards tucked neatly into the upturned cuff of his jeans!


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