Monday, June 20, 2005


Two Jockeys
Originally uploaded by _Ingrid_.
I had big fun at Belmont on Friday, but the day wasn't without its low moments (not following my hunch and betting on Shiggy in the fourth race comes to mind ... )

Seeing these two jockeys proudly making their way out to the paddock before a race reminded me that I saw Jockey on HBO a few weeks ago. The film is very well done, and showcases the passion that these men (still, mostly men, alas)have for this sport, which is one of, if not the only sport where someone can become a professional athlete without playing in college first. The film reveals that the passion borders on desperation, as the jockeys purge (yes, vomit up their food) in toilets specially made for "heaving," and sit in saunas, or "hot boxes" for hours in an attempt to sweat out sometimes as much as six pounds of water weight. Those images from the film went through my mind as I saw these two jaunty gents stride by on their to their mounts.


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