Monday, June 20, 2005

Bride seen through a porthole

Bride seen through a porthole
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So the other night when we went to Pier 63 for dinner someone was getting married. They had the place partially roped off, including the area that contains the restrooms so we had to use the bathrooms on the old restored Lightship Frying Pan docked just next door. This is a creaky old ship that was brought up from the bottom of the Chesapeake and restored to the point that they were able to bring her up here under her own power.

If I believed in such things, I would say that in a previous life I was drowned at sea in a ship just like this one. I was getting heart palpitations from walking around below deck, it is very claustrophobic and creepy.

Then, as I was hovering above the seat in the ladies, the ferry went by and set everything to rocking in its wake, which made for a very interesting pee.

PS. The bride is more visible in the large size.


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