Wednesday, April 06, 2005

American Idol

Here's my take on the competition so far:

Scott Savol: Going home next, I think. This didn't help.
Nadia Turner: Yes, she can sing, but there's something so fake about her.
Carrie Underwood: Farm Girl Goes to Hollywood. Might win, despite the "deer in headlights" look she gets when singing.
Bo Bice: *Should* win. The best all-around performer. Manages to bring his own style to everything.
Constantine Maroulis: Also might win. Manages to adopt whatever style is called for.
Anwar Robinson: I hate him, he's like a giant asexual Cosby kid.
Nikko Smith: Has a good voice and a smooth R&B style, but started out in the competition doing a Michael Jackson songs. Is that really an image you want to cultivate now?
Anthony Federov: He's next to go after Scott. Will have a long career singing in Vegas lounges or cruise ships. The whole tracheotomy thing can only carry you so far.
Vonzell Solomon: She's got a great name and sings well, might go far, but I don't think she'll win.

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