Saturday, February 10, 2007

City Scoops

As if ChelseaNow wasn't bad enough ...
This came in the mail the other day. I can't believe that someone actually started another freebie magazine (not sure if it's always going to be a freebie, though I can't imagine anyone paying for it) in New York. Hopefully we won't be subjected to yet another of those hideous plastic free newspaper dispensers on our street corners with this crap in it. Most of the ads in it were from the same obviously desperate podiatrist, one of which depicted an open sore on the bottom of a foot!

The only thing more unbelievable than the weird ads and bad writing was the presence of Donald Trump and his son on the cover. How they agreed to do anything this cheesy is beyond me. Oh, wait ...

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Friday, February 09, 2007

28 SECRETS IN 28 DAYS -----SECRET #1.....adda shook BATMAN's hand!

Oh, please, if you do nothing else today, go over and explore the photostream of this inventive, creative friend of mine. He is definitely one of my best friends on flickr and is so talented. He is now in the middle of a series, 28 Secrets in 28 Days, and I highly recommend a look.

Also, check out his X-Mess Advent Calendar, it's geniosity!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

RIP Anna Nicole Smith

Oh, dear. She was one hot mess.

Lindsay Lohan, are you paying attention?

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