Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Powerful Pixel is ready for its closeup!

And now for something completely different ...

A Florida doctor is going for a world record by attempting to construct the world's largest photo. The image itself is one that he took of the space shuttle on one of its night launches, and features a fiery trail streaking across the sky over a lighthouse, and it's already garnered quite a bit of attention in the way of winning a bunch of prizes and awards.

Now it's ready for the big time, and I do mean BIG. The finished photo-mosaic will cover 5 acres at a still yet to be determined site somewhere in Florida.

Here's the completely different part, we can all be a part of it. He's asking folks to "sponsor" a pixel for 12 bucks. Out of that you can designate up to 3 dollars to go to one of the non-profits that are partnering with the site, or register one of your own (your kids' school perhaps?). What you get for the pixel is a certificate of participation with your name and the number of the pixel you've sponsored. After it's all over, the plywood on which the entire thing is to be assembled will be donated to non-profits that build homes right here in the US.

I already got my pixel! Get over there and get one, then help spread the word!

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