Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flu Shout-Outs!

In case you haven't heard, I got on the plane and went to Vegas despite having a fever of just over 101. Just how long are you contagious anyway? Just in case:
Shout out to Adam Aguilar, who helped me to open my foil pack of Motrin with his teeth, after I had handled it with my flu-sweaty hands.
Shout out to everyone I played craps with that handled the dice after I blew on them and tossed them, shout out to all the dealers who handled my chips.
Shout out to the nice couple who sat next to me on the plane, against whom I was pitted in the in-flight trivia game and who cringed every time I coughed, which was often.
Shout out to the baristas at Starbucks and the cashier at the buffet who took my money, the germy-est thing there is.
By the time the tradeshow started I probably wasn't contagious anymore, as the fever seems to have broken sometime Saturday night, thank goodness I don't have to give shout-outs to the 600 and some people I talked to there, do I?

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