Monday, November 24, 2008

And now, a recessionista moment.

I've been thinking about doing this for a while but this article in the Times pushed me. I've been doing the second hand thing for a long time, not so much because I have to but because it's always been a favorite sport of mine. "See what I got? Guess what I paid?" It doesn't have to be second hand, necessarily, I get the same satisfaction from a good sale. From the number of people telling me how put-together I look, I'll assume that no one would assume that I'm getting this stuff practically for nothing. So let's run down the look on this random Monday:
Banana Republic wool v-neck, bought second-hand, $4.99
Theory french-cuff shirt, bought second-hand, $7.99
J.Crew lined wool pants, bought second-hand, $8.99
Gap leather belt, bought second-hand, 1.99
Silver and gold fleur de lis cufflinks, bought second-hand, $1.00
Christian Louboutin shoes, $415 reduced to $40 at the Barney's Warehouse Sale 5 years ago.

This recessionista moment has been brought to you by the shitty economy.

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