Monday, June 09, 2008

Doorman Switcheroo at London Terrace

Rose Associates are getting more and more sneaky in their quest to rid London Terrace of rent stabilized tenants and illegal sublets. The newest ploy is taking all the doormen from the 24th Street side and putting them on the 23rd Street side and vice versa. The reason, ostensibly, is security; they want tenants' building ID to be checked upon entering the building. The reason, really, is so that they can find out who is in an illegal sublet. I guess they don't figure that some tenants might just walk around the corner to the other side and enter where there is a doorman who knows them. Are they also not taking into account that when the weather is bad (hot, raining, cold) most people walk inside the building as much as they can, often exiting or entering on the opposite side of the building from where they live, thus getting to know all the doormen? I guess not.

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Microsoft Ad Campaign in Chelsea

Hey, check out Chelsea Court Meat Market! They are part of an advertising campaign by Microsoft targeting small business owners. The left-hand section of the store is covered by a giant photo of the right-hand side. You can't really appreciate it in this shot, if you live in Chelsea, stroll by. It's cool.

While you're down there, say hi to Tony the butcher. If you don't know about this place, it's a good old fashioned butcher shop; Tony will set you up with bones or chicken scraps for your dog, or a nice steak for you. Support our local Chelsea businesses, before another one bites the dust.

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