Monday, April 10, 2006

France buckles, again

France has announced that they are repealing CPE, the controversial labor law that would have allowed employers to fire workers under 26 years of age without giving a reason. The idea behind the law was to encourage the hiring of young people by allowing them to fire them within two years.
What kind of place is this? First of all, who stays at a job more than two years anyway? Especially your first job?

Most Americans are familiar with employment "at will," which means that either you or your employer can terminate the relationship without a reason. This assumes, I suppose, that you should actually do the work you were hired for, so you won't be fired. It seems like what they're assuming in France is that once you get a job you're going to start goofing off, safe in the knowledge that you can't be fired. I guess this is the kind of ambition that's gotten France where they are today.
Here's a discussion worth reading.

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