Saturday, July 21, 2007

Scaffolding goes up at London Terrace

Scaffolding went up yesterday not only in front of 460 but 430 too! Those of us who live on the 24th Street side can now walk our dogs under shelter of lovely scaffolding for nearly the entire length of the block. A building employee told me to expect the scaffolding to stay up for about "two years," though I'm not sure where he got that idea. A few pieces of the bricks that fell are still laying on the sidewalk.

What kills me is the big flag that's attached to the building that says "luxury pre-war" apartments. If they'd only maintain the building properly, it would sell itself. Now it just looks ridic! Pictures to follow.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

London Terrace is falling down ... YET again

Ok, so the joke is getting less and less funny.

Not only is the scaffolding STILL up around 450 from nearly a year ago, now falling bricks have closed down the 460 entrance.

The "management" tacked up this notice by the elevators, telling everyone to avoid 460. Ironically, this notice can only be read by people who have already successfully navigated the challenge of finding an alternate entry into the building, ha. Note that it says "emergency" repairs were necessary. I wonder what their idea of an emergency is, and I've started a pool among some of the neighbors as to how long till scaffolding goes up, and how long till they do any kind of "emergency repairs." Anyone wanting in on the action, there are a few choice spots left.

I heard that they were measuring around the hydrangea this morning, presumably for scaffolding and more of that nasty green mesh crap that's draped all over 450 like a Christo (can I just add again, for nearly a year while no one has touched the bricks with any intent to repair, and which smells like a green tunnel of urine since every dog in the nabe pisses on it).

I heard that Rose blew their budget on renovations in vacant apartments that weren't really necessary in their unchecked effort to charge a small fortune for the so-called "luxury pre-war" apartments here. They ran out of money, and now don't have the dough to either "finish" the brickwork on 450 or to even begin to work on 460.

Maybe we should just take the pot from the pool and donate the proceeds to the London Terrace Gardens "luxury pre-war" repair fund. WTF?

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