Friday, September 22, 2006

Is London Terrace Falling Down Part II

Hey, check it out.

We got this in our mailbox the other day, addressed to "London Terrace Neighbor." Those good neighbors over at Corcoran were nice enough to calculate just what we'll be spending to pay rent over the next five years vs. buying our very own condo. According to their figures, we would save one thousand dollars a month by purchasing a "luxury Chelsea one-bedroom" for just 750K.

Ah, yes, the life in a "luxury" Chelsea rental. Hey, since they are so smart with the predictions, maybe someone over there at Corcoran can figure out just how long it's going to take to finish painting the damn hallways, since ours have been like this for going on three months now. What is up with that?

They came and spackled in some blotches on the walls about a month ago, but nothing has been done since. Oh, wait, that's wrong. They installed a chair rail. In the hallway. Where we are not allowed to put chairs.

We just got a memo that they've started repainting the street level and basement doors. Basement. Where no one lives. They expect that to take several weeks. What's next, the laundry room?

Paint the hall already! On my floor. Where I live.

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